Potomac Bedroom

Potomac Bedroom

The Potomac River is rich with American history. Washington and his army fought and lived by it, and almost every American president since then has had some affiliation with the Potomac. Teddy Roosevelt regularly swam in it for exercise.

Our Potomac Bedroom collection, featuring Character Cherry wood, deeply burnished in Amber Glow or Bourbon stain, crafted in a timeless design, that affords you luxury befitting a president, without the cost.

68-A-16 — Flat Black Knob
Standard on Potomac Bedroom

Potomac Headboard with Wood Frame

Headboard: 48"h

  • CA King
  • King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin
  • 77¼"w x 88"d
  • 81¼"w x 84"d
  • 65¼"w x 84"d
  • 59¼"w x 80"d
  • 44¼"w x 80"d
  • IBPTM-05W1
  • IBPTM-05W2
  • IBPTM-05W3
  • IBPTM-05W4
  • IBPTM-05W5

Potomac Nightstand with Drawers

22"w x 18"d x 27½"h  INPTM-02C1

Potomac Nightstand with Opening

22"w x 18"d x 27½"h  INPTM-04A1

Potomac 6-Drawer Dresser

58"w x 18½"d x 36"h  IZPTM-08F0

Potomac Dresser Mirror

37"w x 38"h  IMPTM-06A

Potomac 5-Drawer Chest

36"w x 18½"d x 52"h  IZPTM-04E0

Potomac 8-Drawer Mule Chest

54"w x 18½"d x 54"h  IZPTM-11H0

Potomac Mule Chest Mirror

41"w x 31"h  IMPTM-08A