Montrose Bedroom

Montrose Bedroom

Cowboy up with this solid wood collection straight from the frontier, featuring a unique bolt detail and rustic black hardware. A luxurious way to relax after riding the dusty trail.

68-A-17 — Flat Black Pull
Standard on Montrose Bedroom

Montrose Headboard with Wood Frame

Headboard: 48"h

  • CA King
  • King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin
  • 77¼"w x 88"d
  • 81¼"w x 84"d
  • 65¼"w x 84"d
  • 59¼"w x 80"d
  • 44¼"w x 80"d
  • IBMNT-05W1
  • IBMNT-05W2
  • IBMNT-05W3
  • IBMNT-05W4
  • IBMNT-05W5

Montrose Nightstand with Drawers

22"w x 18"d x 27½"h  INMNT-02C1

Montrose Nightstand with Opening

22"w x 18"d x 27½"h  INMNT-04A1

Montrose 8-Drawer Mule Chest

54"w x 18½"d x 42¾"h  IZMNT-11H0

Montrose Mule Chest Mirror

41"w x 31"h  IMMNT-08A

Montrose 5-Drawer Chest

36"w x 18½"d x 52"h  IZMNT-04E0

Montrose 6-Drawer Dresser

58"w x 18½"d x 36"h  IZMNT-08F0

Montrose Dresser Mirror

37"w x 38"h  IMMNT-06A

The Montrose collection features a unique bolt detail.